The album "Concertos Cariocas" has just been released. It is a partnership of Quatro a Zero with the Campinas Symphony Orchestra.

This album is the fourth of the Quatro a Zero's trajectory and fully presents the three Concertos Cariocas composed by Radames Gnattali. These concertos were written for not common instruments to the symphonic universe. The Quatro a Zero was the soloist invited to record the Concerto Carioca No. 3, until then unheard in CD. As the concert was composed for symphony orchestra and soloist sextet, the group had the luxury participation of musicians Rafael Santos at the second piano, and Guilherme Ribeiro at the accordion. The premiere of Concerto Carioca No. 3 was made by the same musicians, in June 2014, with the Campinas Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Victor Hugo Toro. This presentation took place at the Teatro Castro Mendes de Campinas and is recorded on video.Check out the video!

This work is the result of a long research of the members of the group has been carrying on the Radames Gnattali's work.