Discography - Grupo Quatro a Zero

Alegria (2011)

Quatro a Zeros 3rd album presents maturity and renew their artistic proposal. Some recordings were made before Lucas da Rosa passed away. Then, the incorporation of Lucas Casacio as the new drummer, the quartet resumed its activities in a delicate rebuilding process in which had as, primary aim, the completion of this album. The brilliant performance of Lucas da Rosa in the Radams Gnattalis Suite Retratos, along with the special participation by Joel Nascimento (mandolin), Nailor Proveta (soprano saxophone) and Oscar Bolo (percussion) and the new compositions from members of the group, mark the beginning of a new phase in the groups path.

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"When the mixture of rigor from the european tradition with the tupiniquim relaxation is made with precision, the result is an exquisite enchantment, as the album 'Alegria' (...)."
Lucas Nobile, O Estado de So Paulo

The quality of their work shows how the edges from choro to jazz and classical music are tenuous
Carlos Bozzo Junior, Folha de So Paulo

"... is the proof of musical maturity of the members from Quatro a Zero. Facing traditional works, their talents emerge, prodigal. To listen to them increases the musical landslide win. "
Aquiles Rique Reis, Dirio do Comrcio (SP)

"A credential of maturity ... Quatro a Zero plays Choros without fear but never loses focus"
Juarez Fonseca, Jornal ABC Domingo (Porto Alegre)

"... Making music with the lightness and the accuracy of acrobats, Quatro a Zero achieves the third consecutive win and serves as an example for the hundreds of young choro players to pursue its own and original way, with the appropriate doses of respect and innovation ...
Kiko Ferreira, Estado de Minas

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