Discography - Grupo Quatro a Zero

After four years researching the Choro with intense rehearsals after winning the 2nd place in the Brazilian Music VISA Award (2004), Quatro a Zero released their first album, which shows the synthesis of everything the group had produced in a style that the group named choro eltrico. This album was released by Zabumba Records and distributed by Rob Digital. In 2008 it was reissued by Cooperativa Records, distributed by Tratore Digital.

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Despite not having been the first to electrify the Choro, Quatro a Zero has an unprecedented formation and brings the discussion back with music of the best quality.
Lauro Lisboa Garcia, O Estado de So Paulo.

Quatro a Zero debuted with landslide win in the championship of instrumental music. Stepping to the field with complete training, they were not intimidated by opposing fans, setting a pace that, in 20 minutes (four tracks), had already decided the match.
Srgio Molina, Guia da Folha Folha de So Paulo.

Quatro a Zero expands the horizons of choro without destroying its roots. They point to the future honoring the all time masters.
Maurcio Carrilho

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