Discography - Grupo Quatro a Zero

To pay tribute to the composers who made and make the history of Choro in the State of So Paulo is the slogan of Quatro a Zeros 2nd album. However, the group goes beyond when they consolidate an unique style, deepening and maturing their artistic proposal. This album also presents a promising partnership with the saxophonist Nailor Proveta. It was released by Cooperativa records and has its distribuition made by Tratore.

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"While the patent is from Rio, Sao Paulo also makes Choro a lot of it. This was the discovery of the local group Quatro a Zero (...), which detail the topic in depth in the delightful album 'Porta Aberta: Memrias do Choro Paulista'."
Trik de Souza, Jornal O Globo (RJ).

"Quatro a Zero aims the past and hits the future. Rediscovering as many subtleties from authors such as Hugo Bratfisch, Bomfiglio de Oliveira and Nabor Pires Camargo, as the old hidden places of legitimate brazilian spirit, such as Itatiba, Indaiatuba and Guarantiguet."
Srgio Molina, Guia da Folha Folha de So Paulo.

Quatro a Zero, from So Paulo, is the most original Choro group that emerged in recent times. (...) These guys play and improvise well, and this album is pure delight. As someone had said, it overflows the Choros universe.
Juarez Fonseca, Jornal ABC Domingo (SP).

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