Videos Quatro a Zero

The Campinas Symphonic Orchestra's CD "Cariocas Concert" is already manufactured.

In it, Quatro a Zero plus the contributions of Rafael Santos (second piano) and Guilherme Ribeiro (accordion) plays the Concerto Carioca No. 3 by Radames Gnattali. This work had its premiere in 2014 after 10 years of work made by the quartet.

The manuscript was digitalized and revised in a group effort that also began in 2006.

Then Eduardo Lobo made this concert the subject of his master's degree in music, under the guidance of Rafael dos Santos.

The great teacher and pianist was added to the soloist group, and he was crucial to engage conductor Victor Hugo Toro and artistic director Rodrigo Morte in this project. The Campinas Symphonic Orchestra embraced not the only project to premiere the piece, but also record on CD. The orchestra also decided to record the other two Concertos Cariocas by Radams.

This was followed by an intense work: Eduardo and Lucas digitalized the scores of Concertos Cariocas 1 and 2. Daniel and Danilo added to them to review.

To interpret the Concerto Carioca No. 1 were scaled Eduardo Lobo and Rafael dos Santos. Danilo and Lucas joined the pianist Hercules Gomes in the mission of interpreting the Concerto Carioca No. 2.

The result can already be heard on CD. Check it!